Program and Schedule

Monday, April 1

Web, User Interfaces. Data technologies and Big Data (plenary sessions)

8:00am-Coffee and badge pick-up (no onsite registration available)
8:30amAl KellieOpening Speech
8:45amWilliam W. DaiIO for Data Management in Multi-physics Simulations
9:15amChris MattmannRapid, Flexible, and Open Source Big Data Technologies for the U.S. National Climate Assessment
9:45amZaihua JiUser Driven Automatic Data Request Service - Providing User Access to TB-sized Datasets
10:15amJohn WilliamsStatistical Learning Methods for Big Data Analysis and Predictive Algorithm Development
10:45am-COFFEE BREAK - 15 minutes
11:00amDoug LindholmThe Data Access Service Architecture for LaTiS
11:30amMichele de RosaThe Mondometeo website services for the weather predictions sharing
12:00pmKevin BeamChArctic: From Hackathon to Production
12:30pm-BUFFET LUNCH PROVIDED - 1h and 15 minutes
1:45pmAmit ChourasiaSEEDME: Your results from disk to device
2:15pmYeukhon WongThe Graphyte Project: design, tools and practices in building a collaborative scientific computation and education system
2:45pm Ian TrusloveSerious JavaScript: why JavaScript is great, and how you can write great JavaScript
3:30pmEric Hackathorn, Jeff Smith3D Display and Gesture Technology For Scientific Programming
4:00pmDan SchafferPrototype Extension to NWS AWIPS II in Support of Collaboration with External Partners using Web Technologies


Tuesday, April 2

Parallel and distributed computing. High Performance Computing (plenary sessions)

8:00am-Coffee and badge pick-up (no onsite registration available)
8:30amDan NaglePreprocessing Fortran Source with CoCo
9:00amBryan MarkerDistributed-Memory Dense Linear Algebra Program Generation
9:30amWei YuWRF-Hydro modeling system development and Performance Test
10:00amRaffaele MontuoroA Real-Time, High-Resolution Regional Forecast System for the Gulf of Mexico
10:30am-COFFEE BREAK - 15 minutes
10:45amJustin Y. ShiStatistic Multiplexed Computing (SMC): An Neglected Path to Unlimited Application Scalability
11:15amSylwester ArabasObject-oriented numerics in C++, Python and modern Fortran: a case study comparison
11:45amMonte LunacekPython for High Performance Computing
12:15pm -BUFFET LUNCH PROVIDED - 1h and 15 minutes
1:30pmHe HuangAutomatic Cloud Provisioning and Sizing for High-Performance Computing Applications
2:00pmYaroslav O. HalchenkoOpen is not enough: benefits from Debian as an integrated, community-driven computing platform
2:30pmJeff SmithMoving Weather Model Ensembles To A Geospatial Database
3:00pm-COFFEE BREAK - 15 minutes
3:15pmRuss RewMaking earth science data more accessible: experience with chunking
3:45pmScott Collis, Joe VanAndelARM & NCAR Collaboration on LROSE and Py-ART
4:15pmSteve DiersenSymbolic Analysis of Concurrency Errors in OpenMP


Wednesday, April 3

Engineering methodologies and best practices. Scalable HPC profilers introduction (plenary sessions)

8:00am-Coffee and badge pick-up (no onsite registration available)
8:30amMichele de RosaThe TDD technique applied to a real project: a DB-2-DB replicator
9:00amC. Titus BrownMoving Towards Better-Engineered Scientific Software
9:30amRobert WardChallenges in scaling scrum
10:00amJessica A PoppProject Management Approaches for the One-Man Project
10:30am-COFFEE BREAK - 15 minutes
10:45amJohn LinfordImproving Application Performance Using TAU
11:15amMark LubinAnalysis of MPI programs using Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
11:45amJim Galarowicz and Martin SchulzUnderstanding the Performance of Parallel Codes Using Open|SpeedShop
12:15pm-GROUP PHOTO TAKEN - 5 minutes
12:20pm-BUFFET LUNCH PROVIDED - 1h and 10 minutes
1:30pmAndreas KnüpferInteractive Performance Analysis with Vampir
2:00pmMarkus GeimerThe Scalasca Performance Analysis Toolset
2:30pmPeter PhilippenThe Score-P run-time measurement system for the TAU, Vampir, and Scalasca tools
3:00pm-COFFEE BREAK - 15 minutes
3:15pmJay AlamedaUsing the Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform in Support of Earth Sciences High Performance Computing
3:45pm Tony ScudieroGPU Computing Overview
4:15pm -ADJOURN


Thursday, April 4 and Friday, April 5

Scalable HPC profilers, hands-on tutorials (parallel sessions)

Time Tutorial
1 full dayAnalysis of MPI programs using Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector
2 full daysAn Introduction into Performance Analysis for HPC Systems with Open/SpeedShop
2 full daysImproving Application Performance Using TAU - slides
2 full daysHands-on Trace-based Performance Analysis with VAMPIR and Scalasca
2 full daysEclipse: a Unified Environment for the Development and Performance Tuning of Parallel Scientific Applications - slides
2 full daysNVIDIA GPU Code Optimization