WRF-Hydro modeling system development and Performance Test

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2013 Tuesday, April 2
CG1 Auditoriums
Wei Yu

Authors: Wei Yu, David Gochis, David Yates

The new development of WRF-Hydro modeling system proves a significant advancement in the capability to simulate regional water cycles more completely and with promising results on flooding forecast. The development of the Hydro model involves the parallel techniques for land model grids, land routing grids and channel routing model. The performance has been estimated on Linux cluster for WRF-Hydro fully coupled system and hydro model itself. The hydro model also provides interface to be easily coupled with many different modeling systems, including LIS, CLM and HRLDAS. Currently, we are evaluating the capability of the flooding forecast with WRF-Hydro modeling system on Front-Range area in combination with four-dimension data assimilation system.

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Wei Yu obtained his MS degree in meteorology from China in 1994 and worked in China Meteorological Center for four years in parallel computation. He received the master degree in computer science from FSU in 2002. He worked in NCAR since 2002 and obtained PHD in Atmosphere and Oceanography from CU in 2011 while working in NCAR. His main working experiences include: FSU global spectral model parallelization, CCSM testing and porting, development of hybrid-data assimilation system with Satellite Radiance and Radar data. He is presently working as software engineer in WRF-Hydro development.

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