SEA Conference

SEA Software Engineering Conference 2012


February 21-24, 2012

The UCAR Software Engineering Assembly is organizing a technical conference to keep software engineers up-to-date and to foster networking and collaboration within UCAR/NCAR and with our peer institutions. The conference is intended as a forum for broad discussion on multiple aspects of software engineering, and includes sessions on diverse topics relevant to software engineering theory and practice.

The conference is intended to appeal to software engineers working at UCAR/NCAR and at other labs and institutions developing software focused on scientific disciplines (e.g. NOAA, NIST, NREL, Universities, SWRI, NASA, DOE, other supercomputing centers, etc.) 

Important dates 

  • The conference has been on February 21-24, 2012.
  • Registration: 8:00-8:30AM, Feb 21, 2012  



The registration has been closed. 

Harassment policy

The UCAR SEA Software Engineering Conference Feb 21-24 adapts the UCAR policies for Workplace Conduct and Sexual Harassment to apply to the conference and its attendees.

Info about NCAR lab, accommodation and logistics

The converence took place in Main Seminar Room, in the Mesa Lab building.