The TDD technique applied to a real project: a DB-2-DB replicator

Date and Time: 
2013 Wednesday, April 3
CG1 Auditoriums
Michele de Rosa

Authors: Michele de Rosa. Marco Speranza and Enrico Berardi

Abstract of the talk: The Agile techniques are widely used in the software industry. They try to give more control during the software development phases and to minimize the final number of software defects. The presentation shows the application of the TDD technique to a real project: the realization of a DB-2-DB replicator. Some concepts about the continuous integration and the RUP process are discussed and some project statistics are commented.

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Michele de Rosa works for T.R.S. S.p.A. as Project Manager/Team Leader/Analyst Programmer on Air Traffic Control and Defense Systems since 2002. He earned a degree in Computer Science in 2001 and a PhD in Environmental Monitoring in 2011 with a thesis on nowcasting of extreme meteorological events using satellite data. Currently he is working on the development of a framework for the distribution and visualization of georeferenced data using OSGi and on the improvement of the nowcasting algorithms.

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