Moving Weather Model Ensembles To A Geospatial Database

Date and Time: 
2013 Tuesday, April 2
CG1 Auditoriums
Jeff Smith

Authors: Jeff Smith

Moving weather model gridded data to a geospatial database enables forecasters and researchers to access and analyze the data in novel ways. My import program moves the NCEP 40km SREF (short range ensemble forecast) to PostGIS for the Aviation Weather Center, and I've also developed a web service interface (for external applications to leverage) as well as an HTML 5 web application. In this talk, I'll discuss the performance implications of accessing gridded data in PostGIS as well as the great potential for data mining.

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Jeff Smith is a software engineer for CIRA and NOAA and works on a variety of projects related to big data, web applications, and data visualization. He's taught a variety of classes in software design and will be co-teaching a video game design class at the University of Colorado in Boulder in the fall of 2013. He's a two time recipient of the CIRA Research Initiative Award and was the 2006 Time Magazine Person of the Year.

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