Hands-on Trace-based Performance Analysis with Vampir and Scalasca

Date and Time: 
2013 Thursday, April 4, and Friday, April 5
CG1-1212 Center Auditorium
Markus Geimer and Andreas Knüpfer

This hands-on tutorial introduces you to the parallel performance analysis tools Vampir and Scalasca and how they can be effectively used together.

There will be four presentation parts plus allotted time for individual work with assistance from the presenters.

  • In the first part we'll look at the community instrumentation and run-time measurement system Score-P which collects the performance data as input for the analysis tools.
  • In the second part you'll learn about the interactive visual trace analysis with the Vampir tool.
  • The third part will present to you the automatic detection of performance bottlenecks with Scalasca.
  • The fourth part offers advanced topics such as the interoperation between Vampir and Scalasca, support for CUDA, and more. The contents of this section will be rather flexible and adjusted on-the-fly to your needs.

In all parts we'll start with a well-known parallel benchmark code to introduce all steps with the tools. Afterwards, we'll assist you with the tools on your own application codes on the Yellowstone system. Ideally, your application should be compiling and running correctly with an appropriate input data set on the Yellowstone system prior to the tutorial.

For the first part we'll join with the tutorial "Improving Application Performance Using TAU" since TAU also supports the common run-time measurement system Score-P.


Speaker Description: 

Dr. Markus Geimer is a senior scientist at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, Germany. He is the lead developer of Scalasca's parallel trace analysis component and also involved in the design and development of the Open Trace Format 2 (OTF2) and Score-P.

Dr. Andreas Knüpfer is a senior researcher at the Center for Information Services and HPC (ZIH) at TU Dresden, Germany and involved in HPC performance analysis tools for a long time including VampirTrace, the Open Trace Formats 1 and 2 (OTF and OTF2), Score-P, and Vampir.

Markus Geimer and Andreas Knüpfer have a long history of joint tutorials about HPC performance analysis tools.

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