Preprocessing Fortran Source with CoCo

Date and Time: 
2013 Tuesday, April 2
CG1 Auditoriums
Dan Nagle

Authors: Daniel Nagle

CoCo is a preprocessor specifically intended for Fortran source. (CoCo stands for Conditional Compilation.) CoCo was originally defined by Part 3 of the Fortran Standard, since withdrawn. This implementation includes several extensions. These include a syntax derived from free form source, line wrapping when lines are expanded beyond 132 characters, and several editing features specifically intended to enhance a Fortran programmer's set of tools. CoCo includes several features for error checking and program correctness. I discuss my implementation of CoCo, emphasizing how it enhances the Fortran programmer's toolkit.

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Daniel Nagle is the chair of PL22.3 (formerly J3) Fortran Standard Committee. He got his PhD in Computational Science from GMU and is working in UCAR’s Consulting Service Group. He has been using and teaching Fortran since the '60s and has been parallel programming in Fortran and other languages since the '80s

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