SEA Conference

SEA Software Engineering Conference and Tutorials 2018

SEA Conference 2018

Frontiers in Scientific Software

April 2nd-6th 2018

The 2018 annual SEA conference will take place in Boulder, CO at the NCAR Center Green Campus from April 2nd to April 6th. The theme for this year is Frontiers in Scientific Software.

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We are soliciting talks, tutorials on all aspects of state of the art scientific software, including, but not limited to:

  • Bare metal and containerized cloud computing for science
  • Parallel, Distributed and High Performance Computing
  • Advanced use of Parallel, Distributed and High Performance Tools and Techniques (vectorization, debuggers, profilers, overlapping computation and communication, compiler-based optimization, etc)
  • Edge Computing and other techniques to move the analysis closer to the data
  • Data exploration, analysis, visualization
  • Best practices, Testing and Reproducibility
  • Building and managing Scientific Software Communities
  • Collaborative and Open Source Software Development in science
  • Use of Fortran, Python, Matlab, R, or anything language-specific (particularly language interoperability) is welcome

Submit your talk or tutorial proposal here

Days    Tentative Agenda
Monday/Tusday    Talks
Wednesday    Symposia and Tutorial(s)
Thursday/Friday    Tutorials


Due to popular demand, the 2018 SEA conference will include symposia on highly technical topics. These will be full-day event, targeting a relatively small group of people interested in the internal details of the subject

Containers in HPC Symposium

This Symposium is targeted at both: i) containers technology developers who write container code targeted to HPC system and ii) HPC system administrators who deploy said technology on their system for end-users. The symposium will cover HPC-related container technology such as charliecloud, inceptionshiftersingularity, and probably more.

Symposium on Overlapping Communication with Computation

This Symposium will cover current strategies for computation/communication scalable overlap, including, but not limited to

  • overdecomposition
  • non-blocking communication
  • speculation strategies
  • hardware offloading

The symposium will address current parallel computation implementations use of these and other strategies. Experts in parallel computing strategies will present current and future computation/communication techniques. This will be a single all-day symposium including talks, panel discussions and break out session.

Important informations

  • All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at UCAR/NCAR-run events are required to agree with the UCAR/NCAR code of conduct.
  • Gender specific restrooms are located on the first floor. All-gender/gender neutral, single-stall restrooms are located on the third floor of the conference venue, next to conference room CG-3150.
  • Lactation rooms are available for use of workshop participants, and are located on the second floor, in CG-2615 and CG-2617. If you require a small refrigerator to be placed in either of these rooms, please contact the registration desk. Child care may be also arranged if necessary. Contact Davide Del Vento if you'd like more informations about it.
  • The conference venue is fully accessible to wheelchairs, including restrooms, but feel free to contact Davide Del Vento should you have a special need and would like to double-check.
  • Consider subscribing to our low volume mailing list
  • Boulder Inn has reserved 25 rooms for SEA attendees (arrive 4/1, depart 4/7), for $130. Must call 1-800-233-8469 and mention the SEA Conference, to make a reservation.
  • To reserve a room under the negotiated conference rate of $99/night at the Millennium hotel in Boulder, CO, please click HERE

Important dates

  • November 2017: call for talks and tutorials opens
  • early January 2018: Call for talks and tutorials closes
  • mid January 2018: Registration for attendees opens
  • early February 2018: program announced
  • mid February 2018: Scholarship application deadline
  • early March 2018: Early birds registration ends, price increases
  • late March 2018: Registration closes (no onsite registration will beavailable)
  • Monday, April 2nd 2018: Conference starts
  • Friday, April 6th 2018: Conference ends