SEA committees conduct the business of the UCAR Software Engineering Assembly.

Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee of the SEA comprises the chairs of the standing SEA committees (or their deputies). The SEKM Coordinator serves as a non-voting advisor to the Executive Committee, but the SEKM chair does.

Current members:Davide DelVento (chair and representing the Seminars Committee), Dan Nagle (representing the Professional Development Committee), Si Liu (representing the Knowledge Management), Alessandro Fanfarillo (representing the Best Practices Committee), Shiquan Su (representing the Proposal Review Committee), Taysia Peterson (Conference coordinator).

Seminars Committee

Chair: Davide DelVento

The Seminar Committee shall establish a seminar series to feature topics of interest to the community of scientists, computer scientists, and software engineers at UCAR involved in the application of computer simulation, data management and exploration, and other applications of computing in the geosciences.

Software Engineering Knowledge Management

Chair: Si Liu

The Software Engineering Knowledge Management(SEKM) Committee enhances communication among software engineers; collects, classifies, and provides engineering-related information. SEKM Committee also hosts blogs, web sites, mail list, message board, etc. for SEA members to exchange ideas, experiences, and resources. In addition, SEKM Committee monitors, and provides feedback, guidance, and advice on SEKM activities to the SEKM Coordinator and Management.

Professional Development Committee

Chair: Dan Nagle

The Professional Development Committee is responsible for monitoring and promoting professional development of software engineers at UCAR. The purpose of the SEA Professional Development Committee is to monitor and promote the professional development of software engineers at UCAR. Committee objectives include: provide a list of educational opportunities; update UCAR educational policies to allow for conference tutorials.

Best-Practices Committee

Chair: Alessandro Fanfarillo

The Best-Practices Committee is responsible for developing, maintaining, and promoting a set of software engineering best practices and guidelines for software development.

Proposal Review Committee

Chair: Shiquan Su

The Proposal Review Committee is responsible for establishing and coordinating a process of reviewing UCAR projects and initiatives for their software engineering merit. The mission of the committee is to provide the appropriate NCAR Laboratory or UCAR Program Management with a Software Engineering Project Plan at the inception of all internally funded projects having three or more FTE software developers. This software engineering plan should specify at least three items: a work breakdown structure, a project management structure, and the software process to be used in the project. This project plan must also be published on the project's web page. External projects are also requested, at the discretion of their sponsor, to provide this material to NCAR management and to publish it on their site.