SEA Software Engineering Assembly


The mission of the UCAR Software Engineering Assembly is to foster a sense of community for software engineering professionals within UCAR, to facilitate effective participation of software engineers through cross-cutting interactions in UCAR's science mission, to enhance communication with management in matters of concern to software engineers, and to engage UCAR software engineers as full partners in setting priorities for the design, development and maintenance of the software infrastructure needed to realize UCAR's mission.


SEA committees conduct the business of the UCAR Software Engineering Assembly.

Seminars and classes

Upcoming and past seminars are listed on the Seminar announcements page. For past seminars the slides and/or the video of the talk might be available

Upcoming and past classes are listed on the Classes announcements page.

Descriptions of proposed new class are provided on the Proposed Software Engineering Courses page.

Sharing Knowledge

The Knowledge management committee started a set of forums to share and discuss Software Engineering topics


The bylaws specify the organization of the SEA.