Program and Schedule - 2019

Monday, April 8th - PLENARY SESSION: Modern HPC Structures

Time Speaker Title
8:30am-4pm - Badge pick-up (no onsite registration available)
9:00am Alessandro Fanfarillo Talk: Introduction to Modern HPC Architectures
  9:45am   Joe Schoonover Talk: It's HIP to Enhance Performance Portability of GPU Accelerated Software
10:30am - COFFEE BREAK
11:00am Srinath Vadlamani Talk: Arm HPC EcoSystem
11:45 noon - LUNCH (included with the registration)
1:00pm Greg Henry  Talk: Exploiting Machine Learning Hardware Features to do HPC Work - Intel
2:00pm Craig Tierney Talk: Building Scalable NVIDIA GPU-Based clusters for HPC and Deep Learning
2:45pm Anshu Dubey

Talk: Impact of Investing in Extensible Design of Scientific Software

3:30pm -



Tuesday, April 9th - PLENARY SESSION: Machine Learning

Time Speaker Title
8:30am-4pm - Badge pick-up (no onsite registration available)
9:00am   Steve Farrell   Invited Keynote: Deep Learning for Science - Capabilities and Challenges for Transforming Scientific Workflows
10:30am - COFFEE BREAK
11:00am Christina Kumler Talk: A New Deep Learning Software to Extract Tropical and Extratropical Cyclone Information from Different Data Sources
11:30am Jonathan Edelen Talk: Applications of Machine Learning to Analysis and Computation for Particle Accelerators
11:45am - Outreach, Diverstity and Education LUNCH for recipients of Travel Scholarship and invited people
(grab the lunch at the cafeteria and go to room 2126)
12:00pm - LUNCH (included with the registration)
1:00pm Maggie Sleziak-Sallee Talk: Comparison of Univariate Time Series Prediction Methods
1:30pm Tyler McCandless Talk: Utilizing Machine Learning to Build a Gridded Real-time Fuel Moisture Content System from Sparsely Measured Surface Observations and Satellite Data
2:30pm Davide Del Vento Talk: Pitfalls of applying Machine Learning to Scientific Software
3:00pm Sarvesh Garimella Talk: The Influence of Model Architecture on Multi-GPU Training of Adversarial Networks
3:30pm Weiming Hu Talk: Uncertainty Quantification with Analog Ensemble at Scale
4:00pm - ADJOURN


Wednesday, April 10th - PLENARY SESSIONS 1: Cloud and Containers for HPC

Wednesday, April 10th - PLENARY SESSIONS 2: Software Engineering

Time Session Speaker Title
9:00am HPC Andrew Younge  Talk: Containers in HPC, and Beyond
9:30am HPC Smahane Douyeb  Talk: HPC Containers: Challenges and Solutions
10:00am HPC Craig Tierney  Talk: Making Containers Easier with HPC Container Maker
10:30am - - COFFEE BREAK
10:45am HPC  Robert Nagler  Talk: Sirepo: Containerized HPC Engineering in the Cloud
11:15am HPC David Hahn  Talk: Practicalities of Running Weather Models on Amazon Web Services
11:45am - - LUNCH (included with the registration) 
12:45pm HPC Shane Canon  Talk: Experience supporting Containers with Shifter at NERSC
1:15pm HPC Cory Snavely  Talk: Spin: A Docker-based Platform for Deploying Science Gateways at NERSC
1:45pm - - COFFEE BREAK
2:15pm HPC Michael Riera  Talk: Architectural Decision for a Supercomputing as a Service Software
2:45pm HPC Joe Schoonover  Talk: Bare metal style HPC clusters on Google Cloud Platform
3:15pm SE Nan Niu  Talk: Metamorphic Testing for Scientific Software
3:45pm SE Rood  Talk: Increasing Software Testing Coverage and Portability with Spack
4:15pm SE Andrew Ennamorato Talk: Practicing to be Perfect: Improving Work Through Deliberate Practice 
3:45pm - - ADJOURN


Time Session Speaker Title Location
9:00am-12:00pm Machine Learning Weiming Hu Tutorial: Parallel Analog Ensemble Forecasts with Ensemble Toolkit on HPC CG North Auditorium
9:00am-12:00pm Cloud and Containers for HPC Craig Tierney Tutorial: Building Container Images for HPC Workloads CG Center Auditorium
9:00am-12:00pm HPC Sameer Shende Tutorial: E4S: Extreme Scale Scientific Software Stack CG South Auditorium
12:00 noon - - GROUP PICTURE  Lobby
12:10pm - - LUNCH (included with the registration)  
1:30pm-3:30pm Machine Learning Steve Farrell Tutorial: Introduction to Deep Learning for science (single-node and multi-node training)  CG North Auditorium
1:00pm-4:00pm HPC Damian Rouson Tutorial: Writing Parallel Fortran 2018 Today  CG South Auditorium
1:00pm-4:00pm HPC Sameer Shende Tutorial: Performance Analysis Using the TAU Performance System  CG Center Auditorium 
4:00pm - - ADJOURN  


Time Session Speaker Title Location
9:00am-12:00pm Machine Learning David Gagne & Ryan Lagerquist Tutorial: Interpretable Deep Learning with Keras for Severe Weather Prediction CG North Auditorium
9:00am-12:00pm Message Passing Interface (MPI) Optimization DK Panda & Hari Subramoni  Tutorial: How to Boost the Performance of HPC/AI Applications Using MVAPICH2 Library? CG Center Auditorium
  Containers and Software Engineering Ryan May & John Leeman Tutorial: Software Testing and Testing Automation with Python CG South Auditorium
12:00pm noon - - LUNCH (included with the registration)  
1:00pm-4:00pm Machine Learning David Gagne & Ryan Lagerquist (Continuation)  CG North Auditorium
1:00pm-4:00pm Distributed Deep Learning  DK Panda, Hari Subramoni, & Ammar Awan Tutorial: High-Performance Distributed Deep Learning  CG Center Auditorium
1:00pm-4:00pm Containers and Software Engineering Julio Suarez Tutorial: Multi-Architecture Docker Registries: Best Practices CG South Auditorium 
4:00pm - - ADJOURN