E4S: Extreme Scale Scientific Software Stack

Date and Time: 
Thursday April 11th 2019 - AM
CG South Auditorium
Sameer Shende

The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) [www.exascaleproject.org] Software Technology (ST) software, Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack (E4S) [http://e4s.io] includes a subset of ECP ST software products, and demonstrates the target approach for the future delivery of the full ECP ST software stack. E4S uses the Spack packages manager [www.spack.io] for software delivery. E4S provides container images for use with four container runtimes: Docker, Shifter, Singularity, and Charliecloud. A VirtualBox image that includes all four container runtimes is also available for testing. The tutorial will demonstrate the use of Spack and container environments for HPC.

Speaker Description: 

Sameer Shende serves as the Director of the Performance Research Laboratory at the University of Oregon. His research interests include performance evaluation tools, runtime systems, instrumentation, measurement, and analysis tools, and optimizing compilers.

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The slides are available at https://e4s.io/talks/E4S_SEA19.pdf

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