Sirepo: Containerized HPC Engineering in the Cloud

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Wednesday April 10th 2019
CG Auditorium
Robert Nagler
Sirepo is a web-application used to design particle accelerators, X-ray beamlines and other physical systems. The supported codes are written in C/C++ and FORTRAN, sometimes with Python wrappers, and rely on MPI for parallel execution. Users to date, including an increasing number of students, typically execute simulations on a single node or a small cluster. We present recent developments of the server side Sirepo, which will enable browser-based execution of these codes on a supercomputer or user-specified cluster. Containerization is the key to ensuring robust execution at all stages of Sirepo development.
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CTO Rob Nagler has designed and deployed leading-edge distributed systems for over 30 years. Rob has written extensively about software, including his book on agile development methods, Extreme Perl. Rob started his career in the Distributed Systems Group at Stanford working with Dr. David Cheriton. At Sun Microsystems, he worked with Eric Schmidt in the telecommunications group. He led OLAP development at Olsen & Associates, a pioneer in financial research and analysis. At Tandem Computers(tm) High Performance Research Center, Rob implemented a multi-platform, distributed architecture based on CORBA and used for internet traffic routing for mobile phone networks. Rob holds a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of California, San Diego and an MS in Computer Engineering from Stanford University.
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