Architectural Decision for a Supercomputing as a Service Software

Date and Time: 
Wednesday April 10th 2019
CG Auditorium
Michael Riera
Supercomputing As a Service (SCaaS) is a new breed of services that allows individuals to use high performance computing resources elastically. Since this these services are relatively young, the definition of what constitutes an SCaaS is up for analysis and recommendations. The High Performance Computing (HPC) community is not a stranger to resource management, and elasticity. There are many offerings for resource management for the typical super computer clusters) infrastructure. This talk will focus on how container orchestration meets traditional HPC. We will introduce our definition of SCaaS, some base concept that should be thought through when developing an orchestration platform for HPC and hurdles that includes: accessibility, managing applications, results, configuring fabric, and environment while maintaining optimal performance.
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Michael Riera received his master degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida. He currently is pursuing a PhD in Computer Engineering at Arizona State University. His main focus at ASU is on heterogeneous multimode accelerator architectures. He is currently looking into making accelerators and accelerator clusters more accessible.
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