Practicing to be Perfect: Improving Work Through Deliberate Practice

Date and Time: 
Wednesday April 10th 2019
CG Auditorium
Andrew Ennamorato
Athletes practice with no crowds. Few people listen or are present when a musician practices. When do developers, designers and other knowledge workers practice? Do you type functions and language grammar repetitively? Do you design UIs and work on UX that you throw away?In this talk, both beginners and experienced developers, designers and product owners will learn about why deliberate practice can improve your performances -- err, pull requests. We'll talk about why and how athletes, comedians and musicians practice before they perform and why technology companies may need similar routines.We'll then put our new knowledge into practice with an overview of technologies that can help us practice without disrupting our daily performances. We'll cover tools like Gatsby, Apex/Up, and to make ideas happen quickly. We'll discuss hackathons and other ways of incorporating practice into team settings. So that you find your own fun methods of practice and improvement.
Speaker Description: 
Andy is a father and spouse, which makes him a veteran of speaking to groups that are mostly not listening anyway. He’s been working in software development for almost 20 years and has written bugs in every language he’s ever used, from C to Groovy to Go. Andy is the oldest of 9 children, the experience of which helped him realize that he loves to teach and help others learn. He currently works at Cloudability, a cloud cost optimization platform that helps companies run their cloud services and systems like a business.

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