Fixed a glitch in the Seminar list

You might have noticed that the seminar list had a glitch: only the latest video showed up. We've just fixed the issue.

Please let us know if you discover any problem in this website, have any idea about it, or just about SEA in general.

New look and new features on the SEA website

SEA website has been updated both in look and content. Thanks and kudos to Jeff Alipit for his help.

A few changes for the SEA

There have been some changes in the SEA recently. A few SEA'ers retired, Alan Norton resigned from the Proposal Review Committee and SEA chairman. In addition, Rory Kelly and Si Liu entered SEA as Professional Development chair and Knowledge Management chair respectively.

Rory and Si elected Davide Del Vento (chair of the Seminar Committee) as SEA chair for the Executive Committee,

New SEA website

Here it is the new SEA website, at the URL: It's still pretty basic, but it has nice seminar and class announcement pages, accessible also with RSS feeds. Thanks to WEG for their help with it.

A new SEA Seminar series is coming!

The Software Engineering Assembly is developing a new seminar series for 2010, and I'm coordinating the series.

I'll try to have one speaker per month, and I'm leaning towards a fixed day, such the last Tuesday Thursday of the month. I plan to send out Meeting Maker invites to all the subscribers of this mailing list (when I'll figure out how to do that), besides email announcements.

I already have a couple of speakers and I'm negotiating with a few others. We will have both internal and external speakers.


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