A few changes for the SEA

There have been some changes in the SEA recently. A few SEA'ers retired, Alan Norton resigned from the Proposal Review Committee and SEA chairman. In addition, Rory Kelly and Si Liu entered SEA as Professional Development chair and Knowledge Management chair respectively.

Rory and Si elected Davide Del Vento (chair of the Seminar Committee) as SEA chair for the Executive Committee,

A few committees remains without members and dormant. Note also that the active committees (besides the Executive) are made by just one member, the chair. See here for details.

I hope you are enjoying the new activities SEA is promoting and the others it will promote soon (already several seminars, one new class on software carpentry, soon some other things). But please let us know your feedback.

I encourage you all to take a more active role in the SEA. Do you have any idea on what or how the Assembly should do, besides what it is actively doing now? Please let me know!

Would you like to be part of any of the committees (either the active ones, the dormant ones, or others that don't exist yet) and contribute a very small part of your time? Great!

Do you simply have a suggestion for a topic, a speaker, a teacher or anything that you'd like to see in an upcoming seminar, class or document? Just drop a line in this mailing list (or just to Rory, Si or Davide, if you feel so inclined).

Even a kudos or boo for what we're doing would be very much appreciated by all of us.