A new SEA Seminar series is coming!

The Software Engineering Assembly is developing a new seminar series for 2010, and I'm coordinating the series.

I'll try to have one speaker per month, and I'm leaning towards a fixed day, such the last Tuesday Thursday of the month. I plan to send out Meeting Maker invites to all the subscribers of this mailing list (when I'll figure out how to do that), besides email announcements.

I already have a couple of speakers and I'm negotiating with a few others. We will have both internal and external speakers.

Please let me know (privately or in the mailing list) if there is anything you'd like - e.g. giving a talk, learning a particular topic or from a particular speaker, etc

I'm planning to rotate the location: ML, FL and CG. At present I don't plan any seminar in Jeffco, but if there is lot of interest from there, I will try to either have some seminars in that location, or to work with Media Services to see if it's possible to broadcast the events live for you. But before I do so, I need to know if there is enough interest, so if you are a Software Engineer in Jeffco, and you would like to attend these events from your location, please speak out!

Last, but not least I also plan to have each seminar recorded and posted online, so we can watch or rewatch it later (provided the speaker agree, and Media Services is available, of course).

Looking forward to see you at the next seminar!