New Best Practices committee chairperson

The SEA is glad to announce that Alessandro Fanfarillo has volunteered and has been accepted as the new chairperson for the Best Practices committee. Welcome to the SEA, Alessandro!

2018 SEA conference wrap-up

The 2018 SEA conference has been a good success, with many interesting talks, great keynotes, lots of well attended tutorials. Many conference-goers expressed satisfaction about it. A survey has been sent to everybody and so far shows about 1/3 of the attendees rating it excellent, 1/3 very good and 1/3 good. All the involved admins did a fantastic job in making sure everything went smoothly.

Frontiers in Scientific Software - 2018 SEA conference

The program for the 2018 SEA conference has been announced. The focus this year will be on Frontiers in Scientific Software. This could be the best SEA conference since the program started in 2012!

The conference will feature:

We are Software Carpentry Affiliate

I'm proud to announce that we've just become Software Carpentry Affiliate!

In practice, that will mean that we will in-house Software Carpentry instructors and will host Software Carpentry Workshops (more than we have in the past). I've a couple of people lined up for becoming instructors, but if you are thinking about it, please let me know, the more the merrier.

See for details

Pictures of the 2015 SEA conference

Enjoy these pictures of our last conference! See also two interesting news reports on it.




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