Architectural Overview of People DB 2.0

Date and Time: 
2010 Jan 26th @ 3.30pm
CG1-1214 North Auditorium
Markus Stobbs and Bruce Sun, Web Engineering Group

People DB is a new UCAR resource that gives software engineers and web developers an authoritative source for basic data about UCAR staff and organizations that is up to date and easily accessible via a REST API and SQL queries. This service addresses the current problem of identity data being replicated throughout the organization in various databases which fall out of date and need to be manually maintained. The 2.0 version will expand upon the current scope of HR data to include data from NETS and CISL databases and will support federation

Speaker Description: 

Markus Stobbs is Group Head of the Web Engineering Group (WEG). Bruce Sun is an SEIII in the WEG focused on Java web application development. His publications include A multi-tier architecture for building RESTful Web services IBM DeveloperWorks, Jun 9, 2009.

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