Containers in HPC Symposium

This Symposium is targeted at both:

  • containers technology developers who write container code targeted to HPC system and
  • HPC system administrators who deploy said technology on their system for end-users


The symposium will cover HPC-related container technology and will be help in room 3150 (on the third floor). There are confirmed participant to this symposium representing charliecloud, inceptionshiftersingularity

Speaker Time Title
Vanessa Sochat 9:00am SCIF
Mike Lowe 9:30am Jetstream, a cloud resource for container development
Nathan Rini 10:00am Pitfalls of Containers for HPC
- 10:30am COFFEE BREAK (down to the Lobby)
Benjamin Matthews 11:00am HPC Containers at NCAR
all 11:30am Open Discussion
- 12 noon LUNCH (down to the Lobby, included with the registration)
all 1:00pm Open Discussion
Reid Priedhorsky 1:30pm Lightweight HPC containers with Charliecloud
- 2:00pm COFFEE BREAK (down to the Lobby)
Trevor Cooper 2:30pm Modifying the Singularity installation process for Comet to address concerns of the SDSC security team
Shane Canon 3:00pm Shifter: Container computing at NERSC
 all  3:30pm Summary and wrap-up


Organizing committee