SEA Harassment Policy

The UCAR SEA Software Engineering Conferences adapt the UCAR policies for Workplace Conduct and Sexual Harassment to apply to the conference and its attendees.

Adaptation of UCAR Conduct Policy


Conference violence involves behavior on the part of the attendee that demonstrates a loss of control and that poses a threat to the safety of co-attendees, customers and the public. Such behavior will not be tolerated. This behavior includes, but is not limited to: intimidating, threatening, or hostile conduct; physical or verbal abuse; vandalism; arson; sabotage; use of weapons; or bringing weapons onto UCAR sites (including parking lots) without authorization, theft or inappropriate removal or possession of UCAR property. In addition, alarming or threatening comments that might refer to, suggest, or promote a violent, intimidating, or threatening action are not tolerated.

Adaptation of UCAR Harassment Policy


SEA prohibits harassment on the basis of age, race, sexual identity, color, religion, national origin, disability or any other applicable status protected by law. SEA's goal is to have a conference environment where we treat each other respectfully and professionally. Unprofessional or disrespectful behavior, even if not illegal, interferes with that goal and is inappropriate.

Anti-harassment Duty Officer

Dick Valent, Software Engineer of NCAR/CISL, is the Conference / Anti-harassment Duty Officer. He attends the SEA Conferences in the dual role of regular participant and officer. Attendees may report harassment infractions to him. Problems will be handled according to SEA policy adapted from UCAR's Policies and Procedures on Conduct and Harassment. Dick is an ombuds in the UCAR Ombuds Office and a member of the International Ombudsman Association, providing this service independently of his UCAR Ombuds role. The Ombus website has his picture.