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Changeover in the Professional Development Committee

Dan Naglehas replaced Rory Kelly in the Professional Development Committee.

Best-Practices Committee resigns

Today, Leonard Sitongia announced that he will not be the chair of Best-Practices Committee, nor he will participate in any other SEA Committee anymore.

Please join me in thanking Leonard for the great job he did in helping SEA and Software Engineering at UCAR moving forward. We wish him all the best.

SEA demonstrated that Software Engineering at UCAR can be fostered. We are looking for volunteers for the many activities we plan to do in the future. Please contact me if you think you can contribute

SEA townhall meeting

On 2010 December 16th we'll have a townhall meeting at 3pm in the CG1-1210 South Auditorium . There won't be any SEA seminar in December.


Fixed a glitch in the Seminar list

You might have noticed that the seminar list had a glitch: only the latest video showed up. We've just fixed the issue.

Please let us know if you discover any problem in this website, have any idea about it, or just about SEA in general.

New look and new features on the SEA website

SEA website has been updated both in look and content. Thanks and kudos to Jeff Alipit for his help.


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