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I was a part of the SEA in the early years, when I was a software engineer in CISL.  I left CISL to return to my astronomy roots, and moved back to HAO.  But, I still do a lot of software engineering, and consider that a significant part of my role here.

When I started in CISL, I looked around and talked to people about languages in use and best practices.  I didn't find a lot of coherence and being in the only SE in a group, I was pretty much on my own to decide on my best practices.  I defined my practices for how to start a project, using use-case-driven design, web and paper documentation, design and development reviews (mirrors are helpful when looking over my own shoulder).

Later, I joined the group that Leif was in, and we worked on defining practices for the group.  I disagreed with some of it, but we had collegial conversations.

I understand that Leif chaired the Best Practices committee and they produced a report.  That's great news.  I'm now going to step forward to be the chair of the committee.  I'm thankful for the work which the committee has produced.

One of my first tasks will be to transfer that documentation into this new SEA site.

Next, I hope to survey SEs to find out where their interests are regarding this committee.  Depending on the outcome of that, I hope that there will be support for continuing the Best Practices work.  I think this can be of great benefit to people here who are new to the SE role.

BTW, I ran into Leif at a cosmology club meeting last night.  He chuckled when I told him I would become the chair.  Nice Cheshire Cat smile.

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