Version Control

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2011 May 26th @ 3:00pm
Davide DelVento

Version Control.

From copying your files manually to standard, well known centralized version control systems. From classic to distributed version control systems.

This talk will introduce you to the wonders of version control, focusing on subversion (svn), mercurial (hg), bazaar (bzr) and git. Whether you are new to version control, or if you are already doing it, you will probably leave with the desire to go to the next level and do it better, saving your time and avoiding headaches.

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Davide has a Ph.D in physics but he has always worked as a Software Engineer since before he got his high school degree. His first serious program was a paint-like program for the Commodore 64 written in Assembler. While still in high school, he wrote a finite difference solver, before knowing calculus (let alone differential equations). He has since worked on a wide range of Software Engineering jobs from low-level phase programming in Assembler for CCDs, to three-tier network and desktop applications in java, to SQL and web interfaces, to DSL programs commanding an instrument orbiting Venus. In 2007 he accepted a position at NCAR in the Consulting Services Group - assisting users of the high-performance computing facilities.

After he started using Version Control, he can't live without it. He also wonders why the ovens don't have it, and he's still trying to get the diffs between that delicious sliced-potato-covered fish he made for unbelieving guests, and that brick he made a month later for himself, following the very same recipe.

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