Using the Open Monitoring Distribution(Nagios) to Monitor Complex Hardware/Software Systems

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2012 March 29th @ 3:10pm
CG1-1214 North Auditorium 3-5pm
Joe VanAndel

First, this talk briefly describes the Open Monitoring Distribution(OMD) which bundles Nagios with many important add-ons. This talk shows how using the check_mk software greatly simplifies deploying Nagios. Next, this presentation explains how I developed check_mk plug-ins to monitor EOL's data acquisition and product generation software on the S-Pol radar. The talk describes how we added hardware to the S-Pol radar to monitor environmental conditions and hardware faults and the check_mk plugins that reported this status. This talk also explains how we configured Nagios to use a cell phone to send SMS (text message) alerts to notify our technicians and engineers when faults occurred. Finally, this talk explains how the S-Pol monitoring system allowed EOL field staff to work shorter hours, but still operate the S-Pol radar 24x7.

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Joe VanAndel is a software engineer in the Remote Sensing Facility in EOL. Joe graduated from Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI with a double major of mathematics and physics in 1978. He earned a Master's degree in Computer Science at University of California at Berkeley in 1980. Joe worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories in Westminster, CO on a real-time operating system called Oryx/Pecos. His next job was with Cadnetix, where he worked on porting Unix to proprietary workstations and servers, computer aided design tools, and software configuration management. In 1988, Joe started working at NCAR/EOL and lead a software team that transformed a prototype weather radar into a research testbed serving the FAA and the National Weather Service. Joe has continued to work with radars and lidars, working on diagnostic software, data acquisition hardware and software, fuzzy logic-based data classification tools, radar control software, web-based user interfaces, data displays, and hardware/software monitoring tools.

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