Transmission Distribution Systems Hub

Date and Time: 
Monday, April 4th, 2016
Center Green
Monte Lunacek

The electric grid is a complex network that delivers power from many, distributed sources to commercial and residential consumers. Researchers are able to understand the impact of changes to this system through modeling and simulation.  This is important because several technologies that are growing in residential use, such as solar, electric vehicles, and smart home appliances, impact the load placed on the grid in different ways. New and different retail market structures also impact how electricity is consumed.  We have developed software, which we call the Transmission Distribution Systems Hub (TDSHUB), that provides a higher-level interface for constructing, visually inspecting, and analyzing the time-series results of electric grid-based experiments.  This provides researchers with a more efficient, less error-prone way of understanding how proposed changes will impact the grid. 

Speaker Description: 

Monte Lunacek is member of the Modeling & Simulation Group at NREL since 2014. Before, he was an HPC Application Specialist in the Research Computing group at the University of Colorado.  Monte received his PhD in Computer Science from Colorado State University.

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