Date and Time: 
2015 November 5th @ 3pm
ML - main seminar
Davide Del Vento

The SEA committees are planning the next SEA conference. The tentative date is the whole week of April 4th, 2016. The proposed format is 2 days of talks and 3 days of tutorials. The proposed theme is “Data Science”, soliciting talks along the lines of “What is data science in my subfield”, “How do you design a data science experiment”, and topics ranging from algorithms to data analysis to reproducibility. The SEA is planning to have a town hall to further discuss the conference on November 5th, but we would like to be ready to announce it immediately after, so please start the discussion here with the SEA mailing list. Is the proposed date all right or is there any major conflicting event? Is the theme too broad? Is it of interest for you? Do you have any other suggestions? Would you like to contribute to the planning?

Come to the townhall and let us know.

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