Retreat! Software Development In The Trenches...

Date and Time: 
2012 May 31th @ 3:10pm
CG1-1210 South Auditorium
Sean Reifschneider

Late last year I somehow managed to haul myself out of bed before 7am on a Saturday and attend a Code Retreat. We spent the day, except for a lunch break, splitting into groups of 2 or 3 people and spend 30 minutes experimenting with developing software. At the end of the 30 minutes you delete the progress so far and start over with a new group.

The goal is that you should not be able to complete the program, but instead you should concentrate on software development best practices such as testing, documentation, pair-programming, and even refactoring came into play.

In this talk I will talk about my experiences at my first Code Retreat and how it has impacted my software development since.

Speaker Description: 

Sean Reifschneider is a professional System Administrator and part-time computer programmer. As a Principal at, ltd. he largely works on system administration tasks, however many small internal and customer software projects are written by or maintained by Sean. He is passionate about Linux and Python and does most of his work in these environments.

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