Quantum Computing: The Qubit for Programmers

Date and Time: 
2011 Dec 15th @ 3:10pm
CG1-1210 South Auditorium
Tom Cargill

The power of a quantum computer can far exceed that of a classical computer, at least in theory. This power derives from the characteristics of the "qubit," the quantum analog of the classical bit. Typical descriptions of the qubit are built on a detailed mathematical foundation in complex linear vector spaces. I will offer an accurate, but incomplete, description of the qubit in terms familiar to most programmers, regardless of mathematical background. Though incomplete, this approach is sufficient to illustrate the quadratic speed-up (versus classical) of Grover's search algorithm. This conveys a legitimate, basic appreciation of the nature of quantum computing.

Speaker Description: 

Tom Cargill has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, form University of Waterloo, Canada
He has worked at the Bell Labs, in Murray Hill, NJ.
He currently is a consultant, in Boulder, CO

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