Quality Controlling Wind Power Data for Data Mining Applications

Date and Time: 
2015 April 13 @ 2:30pm
FL2-1022 Large Auditorium
Gerry Wiener

Wind power generation is playing an increasingly important role in worldwide energy production. In order to optimize the utilization of wind power, it is critical to have a good handle on observed winds, the associated power production at wind farms and the power delivered to associated connection nodes. In practice, the power production at various wind farms is subject to wind farm curtailment, high speed wind turbine tripping, production loss due to turbine icing, turbine availability, and so forth. As a result, power production at wind farms can deviate significantly from the industrial wind power curves supplied by the turbine manufacturers.

This presentation will cover various challenges in the quality control of wind power production data. It will then discuss inter-percentile range techniques that can be used to filter the production data so that the filtered data can subsequently be used in automated wind power forecasting algorithms. Finally, it will discuss the sensitivity of wind to power conversion based on the application of different levels of quality control to the underlying wind power production data.

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Dr. Gerry Wiener has been a software engineer at NCAR since 1987. He is currently the engineering deputy of the Weather Systems and Assessment Program at NCAR/RAL under Dr. Sue Ellen Haupt. Gerry has worked on a variety of projects including FAA wind shear/microbursts, FAA turbulence, FAA ceiling and visibility, Hong Kong wind shear and turbulence, wind and solar power forecasting for renewable energy, and road weather.

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