Programming Paradigms in Modern Fortran

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2014 April 9th - FULL DAY
2014 April 10th - AM
CG - room TBD
Damian Rouson

Forget everything you thought you knew about Fortran. This tutorial brings a fresh, new perspective on the modern versions of the world’s first programming language. Fortran stands alone as the only internationally standardized language with a platform-agnostic, parallel programming model that scales from single-socket, multicore, chip-level parallelism to beyond 100,000-core, massively distributed parallelism. This tutorial emphasizes the functional, object-oriented, and parallel programming paradigms enabled by Fortran’s 95, 2003, and 2008 standards, respectively. The examples demonstrate how the object-oriented programming supports a syntax that makes the functional programming feel natural, while the functional programming enforces semantics that makes the parallel programming high-performing. The tutorial time is roughly evenly split between lecture material, presented code examples, and hands-on student exercises. Students will gain experience with each of the three aforementioned programming paradigms. Prerequisites: familiarity with Fortran 90, including derived types, modules, and kind parameters.

Full complement of videos on modern Fortran

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