Productivity-oriented software design for geoscientific modelling

Date and Time: 
2014 April 7th @ 2:00pm
CG1 Auditorium
Dorota Jarecka

Researchers' productivity in computational science is increasingly determined by software quality. From the users' perspective it means: ease of use, robustness, result reproducibility. From the developers' perspective it means extendability and maintainability. In our community, many researchers are users and developers alike.

This talk will discuss productivity-oriented software design by introducing two free and open-source C++ libraries: libmpdata++ and libcloudph++. These libraries implement algorithms of applicability in atmospheric modelling. They are intended for representing advective transport and cloud microphysics, respectively.

Structuring numerical solvers into multiple independent libraries imposes strict separation of model components (e.g., dynamical core, physics, parallelisation logic, i/o). Such separation is a prerequisite for genuine software testing, but also enhances applicability of the individual components in other contexts.

During this talk I will present examples of simulations and discuss code snippets relevant to the above-mentioned software qualities and design.

Speaker Description: 

Dorota Jarecka is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland) and a Visitor within the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division of NCAR. She received her PhD in Physics from University of Warsaw in September 2012. Her research interests include cloud microphysics, atmospheric numerical simulations and scientific computing with Python. She just started a new project dedicated to develop and test microphysical schemes in numerical models.

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