Packaging Python Projects

Date and Time: 
2015 April 15 - PM
FL2-1022 Large Auditorium
Sean Fisk

Packaging and distribution is essential to the success of open-source Python projects. This tutorial covers the process of turning a simple Python script into a package that can be uploaded to the Python Package Index. In addition to basic and advanced use of distutils and Setuptools, it explores integration of documentation, unit testing, code quality assurance, continuous integration, and Python 2/3 compatibility. By the end of the tutorial, participants will have a full Python package which can be used as a basis for future Python projects.

Speaker Description: 

Sean Fisk is graduate student at Grand Valley State University studying for his Master’s degree in Computer Science. In summer 2013, he was an NCAR intern in the SIParCS program of Computational and Information Systems Laboratory.

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