Open Source Tools for Point Cloud Processing, Storage, Subsetting, and Visualization

Date and Time: 
Tuesday 2018 Apr 3rd
CG Auditorium
Kevin Beam

In this talk we provide an overview of a set of powerful open source tools available to process, store, subset, and visualize large volumes of point cloud data obtained through LIDAR instrumentation. We discuss Valkyrie, an experimental service developed at NSIDC, which can be used to subset and serve LIDAR point-cloud data obtained from NASA's Operation IceBridge flights that take place over the Arctic and Antarctic each year. Instead of selecting and downloading individual science files, the Valkyrie service allows users to express a spatial and temporal subset and get exactly the data they are interested in. We also demonstrate visualization techniques for viewing large volume LIDAR point cloud data on the web.

Speaker Description: 

Kevin Beam is a Professional Research Assistant / Software Engineer at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) at the University of Colorado Boulder. He has an interest in all things Python, JavaScript, and Linux

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