OAuth in the Agave Platform

Date and Time: 
2014 April 8th @ 3:15pm
CG1 Auditorium
Joe Stubbs

The OAuth specification provides a powerful and secure framework for delegating access to sensitive data and resources over the web. Version 2 was published in October of 2012 and has seen wide adoption from industry leaders like Google, Facebook and Twitter. In this talk we will present an overview of OAuth 2 and its uses. We'll then discuss how we built support for OAuth2 into Agave, our 'science as a service' platform. In concert with other technologies like MyProxy and GSI security, we'll show how OAuth and Agave can significantly simplify the challenges of bringing HPC to the web.

Speaker Description: 

Joe Stubbs earned a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Michigan. Since then he has been at the University of Texas where he has focused on building infrastructure software in various contexts. He is currently a research scientist at TACC where he primarily works on the Agave "science as a service" platform, enabling the next generation of science gateways to harness petascale HPC over the web.

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