The Model Evaluation Tools (MET): A Community Tools to Make Verification more Consistent

Date and Time: 
2015 March 26th @ 3pm
ML-132 Main Seminar
Tara Jensen

The Developmental Testbed Center’s (DTC) Model Evaluation Tools (MET) has become a cornerstone tool in the DTC testing and evaluation systems set up on high performance computing platforms such as Yellowstone and the NOAA Jet and Zeus systems. It is also used world-wide by over 2,600 registered users. MET was originally developed to replicate the NCEP verification system with a package that could be supported to the community and be extensible with the intention of making verification reproducible across institutions. Since inception, MET has added many capabilities beyond traditional statistics. This talk will highlight the core capabilities of MET along with the enhancements that continually make MET a valuable tool for verification and diagnostic evaluation of numerical weather prediction experiments.

Speaker Description: 

Tara Jensen has been an Associate Scientist within NCAR/RAL for 13 years. She has Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Science from Colorado State University. Her experience includes laboratory experiments, in-situ observations and field projects, numerical weather prediction, forecasting, and most recently verification. Tara is the verification task lead for the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC) and works closely with statisticians, software engineers, and stakeholders to guide the development of the Model Evaluations Tool (MET).

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