Introduction to testing with py.test

Date and Time: 
2015 April 15 - PM
FL2-1022 Large Auditorium
Dorota Jarecka

Py.test is a full feature tool to test your Python code. It offers a simple way to get started writing test in your work. Py.test scales from simple unit testing to complex functional testing. It is already widely used in many small and large projects. 
This tutorial will be a short introduction to general testing terminology and py.test tool. It will cover a basic py.test usage, starting from unit testing and the assert statement. Parametrization of arguments for a test function will be presented as a way to test a wide range of arguments’ values at the same time. Methods of dealing with tests that can not succeed will be discussed. The tutorial will also cover typical testing layout and configuration.

The material of the tutorial can be found at

Speaker Description: 

Dorota Jarecka is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland) and a Visitor within the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division of NCAR. She received her PhD in Physics from University of Warsaw in September 2012. Her research interests include cloud microphysics, atmospheric numerical simulations and scientific computing with Python. She just started a new project dedicated to develop and test microphysical schemes in numerical models.

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