Hyperspectral Image Analysis with a Functional Data Model

Date and Time: 
Monday 2018 Apr 2nd
CG Auditorium
Doug Lindholm

Hyperspectral imaging instruments are producing large volumes of data that pose a challenge for data analysis. Hylatis is a NASA funded project to build interactive hyperspectral image analysis tools backed by cloud resources. Hylatis is built on the LaTiS software package which implements a Functional Data Model (FDM) that builds on the relational data model and relational algebra used by many database systems. The FDM captures the functional relationship between independent and dependent variables that are inherent in scientific data. By representing data as Functions, we can take advantage of mathematical constructs such as function evaluation and composition in addition to other dataset operations that define a functional algebra. This talk will re-introduce the Functional Data Model (first presented to the SEA in 2012) and demonstrate how using this abstraction enables innovative techniques for manipulating scientific datasets.

Speaker Description: 

Doug Lindholm has been wrangling scientific data at CU or UCAR since the early 1990s. Years of scientific programming and data management have contributed to an appreciation of software engineering and useful data abstractions. Doug currently works on the Web Team at CU's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics developing data services.

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