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2014 April 7th @ 2:30pm
CG1 Auditorium
Erik Johnson

For the last two and a half years, the CTM Group at NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL) has consolidated its Git-based workflow around repositories hosted at GitHub and the tools that GitHub provides w/ those repositories. This talk will briefly introduce GitHub and the EOL Field-Catalog web and database applications, for contextual background, and then present how we've used Git and GitHub to enhance and streamline our development process and workflow. I will present how we use the following topics, and their benefits, costs and lessons learned:

  • Git-based branching workflow
  • Git tags, for release management
  • Markdown and GitHub-Flavored Markdown formatting and code syntax formatting
  • GitHub Issues, for transparent and asynchronous discussion of features and bugs and associated code commits
  • GitHub Pull Requests, for code review and discussion of proposed code changes
  • GitHub wikis, for miscellaneous application documentation that doesn't belong in the repository
  • Git-push-based Easy Deploys to development, staging and ops environments, without relying on GitHub nor other third-party dependencies
  • GitHub Gists, for documenting and sharing notes, checklists, code ideas, etc.

Source code for this talk will be available as a public Git repository hosted at GitHub, available via MIT License and the presentation slides will be published via GitHub Pages.

Presentation slides:

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Erik Johnson is a software engineer at NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory, responsible for full-stack web development and devops for the Field Catalog and related Catalog tools using Free and Open-Source technologies. Erik has previously worked at start-ups and contracted to NOAA and NASA.

Erik earned a BS in Physics with Departmental Honors from Truman State University and a MS in Physics from West Virginia University.

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