Fortran standard changes

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2012 Jan 19th @ 2:00pm
ML-132 Main Seminar
Dan Nagle

This will be a two parts talk

Part 1: Fortran-C interoperabilities recently added to Fortran

The Interoperability with C features added to Fortran with the Fortran 2003 revision of the standard defined interoperability only where the entities involved were reasonably similar in both languages. A new Further Interoperability with C specification adds standardized interoperability of Fortran allocatable, pointer, and optional arguments. This provides standardized means for C programmers to query and define descriptors of these Fortran procedure arguments. It also adds standardized specification for C void pointer arguments from the Fortran side.

Part 2: Possible improvements to the Fortran coarrays in future standards

Coarrays as defined in the Fortran 2008 revision of the standard represent a basic, workable subset of the original proposal. The work was split into two sections, the first of which was included in the 2008 revision, with work on the remaining features only now recommencing. Proposals include collective procedures, teams, notify/query, and parallel I/O. I will review the current proposals for the further coarrays specification. The work list has not been set, so suggestions for how to improve the work list will be appreciated.

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Daniel Nagle is the chair of PL22.3 (formerly J3) Fortran Standard Committee. He has been recently hired by NCAR for the USS.

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