Communication Overlap using Open Fabric Interfaces

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Wednesday 2018 Apr 4th
Overlapping Communication with computation Symposium
Sayantan Sur

High-end computing relies on utilizing system resources effectively in order to maximize throughput. Both computation and communication make use of precious system resources, therefore it is ideal to utilize them both simultaneously. Overlapping computation with communication requires careful application programming along with appropriate support from the communication subsystem. The Open Fabrics Interface (OFI) is an effort by the Open Fabrics Alliance to provide application-centric communication interfaces. The OFI APIs provide mechanisms to overlap computation with communication. In this talk, I will describe some of the techniques application programmers could use to increase overlap along with recent efforts under the hood to improve overlap on Intel OmniPath Architecture.

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Sayantan's specialty is in high-performance compute fabrics and the topic of performance in general. His most recent work is the definition of the Open Fabrics Interfaces (OFI). The goal of OFI is to define interfaces that enable a tight semantic map between applications and the fabric. The software interfaces have been co-designed with fabric hardware providers and application developers, with a focus on the needs of HPC users.

Sayantan's passionate about connecting large scale scientific and big data applications to the underlying system architecture by appropriate programming model design.

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