The CESM Experiment Database - A Peek Behind the Screens

Date and Time: 
2012 April 26th @ 3:10pm
FL2-1022 Large Auditorium
Alice Bertini

The Community Earth System Model has many users including scientists and developers. With the increase in the number of experiments run using the CESM, it has become necessary to provide a centralized application to store run meta-data. The CESM Experiment Database is a n-tier, web-based, database back-end application that is designed to be a collaborative on-line lab notebook for storing and tracking the state of the CESM at the time of a run. The current version, 1.0, is accessible only from within UCAR/NCAR networks at Future versions will be open to outside authorized collaborators. This talk goes "behind the screens" to look at the software engineering used to build the CESM Experiment Database application

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Alice Bertini joined NCAR/CGD/CCR as a part-time casual software engineer in early 2009. She transitioned to a permanent employee in November 2011 splitting her time between CCR and CSEG related tasks. Prior to coming to NCAR, she worked as an independent computer consultant for 13 years, at the CU Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy as a Senior Professional Research Assistant, and at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Graduate Research Assistant. She holds degrees in Computer Science, Geology, Mathematics and an Oracle DBA license. She has a 1 year old Bassador and is getting ready to retire from over 11 years of volunteer youth sports coaching. 

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