Developing OpenOA: An Open Source Framework for the Operational Analysis of Wind Plants

CG Auditorium
Jordan Perr-Sauer

Operational data from wind power plants is used across the wind industry to perform performance and reliability analysis of these electricity generation assets. As part of an industry-wide, NREL-led benchmarking project, the need for an open source implementation of a standard type of analysis was identified. In this talk, I will describe the different phases of our development process within the national laboratory context, and share the lessons and experience we've gained along the way. This talk will focus on the design tradeoffs and unique requirements that stem from the research context in which the software was developed.

Speaker Description: 

Jordan Perr-Sauer is a data science researcher in the computational sciences center at NREL. He has a background in applied mathematics and software development and wants to use software to answer interesting scientific questions. Jordan has a passion for improving scientific software, sitting on the steering committee for the United States Research Software Engineers (US-RSE), which is a new organization meant to promote and improve the practice of software engineering in research organizations. Jordan has been a participant in the NREL-led WP3 Benchmarking initiative for the past two years, serving in a leadership role in the development and promotion of OpenOA.

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