2018 ARM Forge tutorials

Date and Time: 
Wednesday 2018 Apr 4th
Ryan Hulguin

Parallel Debugging with Arm DDT

Find and fix your bugs easily using the highly scalable Arm DDT debugger. Learn how to prepare code for use with DDT, and how to set up remote clients to step through your code on Cheyenne using a graphical interface. Several hands-on examples will be provided to demonstrate the basic features of Arm DDT

Parallel Profiling with Arm Map

Identify bottlenecks to help optimize your code using the Arm Map profiler. Learn how to generate Map profiles to determine what lines of code are spending the most time executing on Cheyenne. The basic features of Arm MAP will be demonstrated through a series of examples where a simple code is profiled and optimized.

Advanced Usage of Arm DDT to Debug Parallel Code

Discover helpful features of Arm DDT to aid you in your debugging efforts. Advanced topics include: offline debugging, use of session files, identifying dangling pointers, issuing raw commands to gdb, and enabling/disabling pretty printers of STL classes. Other topics may be presented as time permits.

Advanced Usage of Arm Map to Profile Parallel Code

Obtain the information you are most concerned with by learning how to develop custom metrics and/or profiling a subset of MPI ranks when using Arm Map. The remaining time will be spent helping those in attendance profile their application of interest.

Speaker Description: 

Ryan Hulguin is an Applications Engineer for Arm. He earned a M.S. in Computational Engineering from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga while studying CFD using model Boltzmann Equations. He then spent several years providing supportĀ  for XSEDE HPC resources, before joining the Allinea software team that was eventually acquired by Arm.

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