The Quest For The Perfect User Interface Technology

Date and Time: 
2012 Thursday. February 23rd
ML-132 Main Seminar
Jeff Smith


In my role as a software engineer at NOAA's Earth System Research Laboratory, I have developed many user interfaces over the past 7 years for running weather models, localizing domains, searching/viewing environmental data sets, querying/benchmarking OGC web services for the FAA and NWS, and displaying global icosahedral data over 3D spinning globes. Technologies I've employed run the gamut of Java Web Start (Swing), HTML/Javascript, JavaFX, Flash Builder (Flex), Google Web Toolkit (Javascript), and Unity3D. In this talk, I will compare the pros and cons of these disparate technologies and highlight my experiences with each.

Speaker Description: 

Jeff Smith is the Lead developer of the NextGen NNEW Testing Portal, a web application that runs a suite of tests against OGC web services (Web Feature Service, Web Coverage Service) at various NextGen sites, monitoring the performance and validating the results of each test. Results of tests are displayed on Google Maps and as GeoTIFF/JPEG images.

Jeff Smith developed Ad Hoc query editors that help users construct OGC standards compliant GetFeature and GetCoverage queries. A wide variety of meteorological datasets can be searched upon. Server side code written in Java and client written in HTML/Flash.

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