Completely Test Driven

Date and Time: 
2012 Tuesday, February 21st
ML-132 Main Seminar
Ian Truslove


Most developers have heard of Test Driven Development (TDD), however its adoption is less widespread. This presentation outlines the philosophy, concepts and tools your team needs to completely test drive your products efficiently, from the front end down. It will define what unit tests and TDD are, and cover acceptance testing and ATDD with Cucumber, behavior driven development (BDD) and various test structures, mock objects, and fluent matchers. Examples will be in Java, JavaScript and Ruby.

Speaker Description: 

Ian has been working in various software roles for over ten years, including programming web applications, and making slot machines and video games.  He has been working on Agile teams for over five years, using practices such as Scrum and test-driven development.  He is currently a programmer at the National Snow and Ice Data Center in Boulder, CO, working on services-based web applications. 

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