SEA 2015 conference

The 2015 SEA conference has been announced! The call for speakers and tutorials is open! Check it out and submit yours at

New Proposal Review Committee Chair

I'm very happy to let you know that that Srinath Vadlamani has volunteered for the role of Proposal Review Committee Chair, and his offer has been accepted by the Executive Committee.

Srinath is willing to work with any current and future projects to establish software management plans. He is also willing to help identify NCAR personal skill sets that may compliment proposed projects with software components.


2013 Summer Code Retreat Registration Form

 Date and Time: 

2013 July 26th @ 1pm - 5pm


ML Damon Room


Facilitator: Julianne Blomer

New Best-Practices Committee Chair

I'm extremely excited to announce that Julianne Blomer has volunteered for the role of Best-Practices Committee Chair, and her offer has been accepted by the Executive Committee. She is already working on some ideas which we hope to present to the SEA community soon.

Please join me in welcoming Julianne in her active role for the SEA!


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