Atlassian Developer Products

Atlassian is a vendor of a suite of tools for development teams that includes the following products, many of which integrate with each other. I have negotiated a free community license to the entire line of Atlassian products based on UCAR's non-profit status and public domain approach to software distribution. You can download any of these products and try them for 30 days to see if they make sense for your work. To get license keys for any of these products for ongoing use at UCAR, email me at The Web Engineering Group (WEG) hosts Confluence and JIRA instances and you are welcome to ask for wikis or JIRA projects by submitting a work request to

  • JIRA - issue tracker
  • Greenhopper - agile project management inside JIRA
  • Confluence - powers the UCAR wiki
  • Fisheye - visually explore your source repository
  • Crucible - code review
  • Clover - Java code coverage/test optimization
  • Bamboo - continuous integration

For more information about these products, see Atlassian software development tools.