Python Base Scientific Data Analysis Web Application

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2015 April 13 @ 10:00am
FL2-1022 Large Auditorium
Hannah Keller

Authors: Seogmin Choi, Robert Crimi, Connor Guerrieri, Bo Han, Hannah Keller, Hannah Thomas

Over the past decade it has become increasingly clear that the Earth’s climate is changing rapidly. Governments and private institutions have progressively invested more resources into the study of the impacts of climate change, but the re are many barriers that currently slow down the advancement of scientific understanding. Due to the variety of computer simulation models, data formats, and data analysis languages, one of the largest barriers facing the progression of scientific understanding is reproducibility, or the ability to reproduce and verify the results of another’s analysis. As a team of six undergraduate software engineering students from the University of Colorado Boulder, we have been working closely with a small team of developers at NCAR to build a python based web application that not only allows users to easily build and run data analysis workflows without the necessity of knowing a command-line data analysis language, but also provide easily reproducible workflows. We are working mainly with Tangelo, a python web framework, and NCL, a command-line language used for data analysis to build a web application that allows users to choose subsets of climate data over a geographic area and time range, perform a sequence of analysis steps on the chosen data, run that analysis, and output the resulting data along with reproducible s teps and datasets for the entire workflow. The overall goal of our project is to build an application that automates the scientific expertise to allow impact users, institutions invested in the impacts of climate change, to easily build, run, and share a climate data analysis workflow.

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Hannah Keller is a senior computer science major at the University of Colorado Boulder and is working on a team of 6 students under the guidance a group of developers at NCAR to create a scientific data analysis web application. Hannah is the team lead for the project, which is a Senior Software Engineering Project as part of the university's degree program. Currently, Hannah also works as a software developer associate at Alteryx, Inc., a strategic analytics software provider, where she works on the core engine team and was integral in developing Alteryx social media integration capabilities. Previously, she attended the University of British Columbia studying Environmental Engineering where she worked as a research assistant to an Environmental Fluid Mechanics Research Associate and co-authored a water quality report for the British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority.

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